The Catalan Way at the Golden Gate in San Francisco

Last 8th of September, more than 200 participants gathered in Crissy Field, San Francisco, next to the Golden Gate Bridge, to join hands in solidarity in support of independence for Catalonia. Attendance was almost double of those who had formally registered for the event and included many traveling from out-of-state and out-of-country just to participate in this historical event.

Activities began at 2:00pm with a potluck barbecue to celebrate the Diada of September 11th, Catalonia’s National Day. At 3:00pm, the group was gathered together for group photos, during which traditional Catalan anthems were sung and after which all joined in a triumphant chant of “INDEPENDENCIA”.

Next, the human chain was formed along the coast of the water, from the base of the Golden Gate Bridge along the path that joins Crissy Field to the Bay, after which volunteer cinematographer Joe Campbell walked the length of the chain and filmed, inspiring more cheers, chants and songs along the way.

After the event, organizers Carles Ollé Romero, Laura Bohigas and Susan Whigham were hospitably invited, together with many others who had stayed to help with the post-barbecue clean-up, to continue the celebration at the home of local Catalan friends Guillem and Anna.



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