Next Friday September 11th, Barcelona’s Meridiana Avenue will be transformed into the “Gateway to the Catalan Republic” (Via Lliure cap a la República Catalana)

The Catalan National Assembly (ANC) has called for a new historic mobilization for the Catalan National Day on September 11th, which will be held on Barcelona’s Meridiana Avenue. Jordi Sànchez, president of the ANC, is encouraging people to fill the Meridiana with a huge, festive, peaceful demonstration “in order to tell the politicians that they can count on our support but also our demands at this point in the independence process”. The mobilization will also serve to reinforce the “unequivocal wish to convert the September 27 elections into a plebiscite” since the Spanish Government prohibited the November 9th referendum. “This year,” promises Sànchez, “they can’t prohibit the elections. We are going through each phase, we are advancing, we are closer and closer.”

In the last three years, the mobilizations on Catalonia’s National Day have greatly influenced the political landscape and now, according to Sànchez, there is an “obligation to once again have a historic demonstration so that we make it to the doors of the plebiscite”. With this conviction, the mobilization will be the last pro-independence National Day, since the elections on September 27th will be the beginning of the construction of the Catalan Republic.

The ANC is planning on making the National Day celebrations open to everyone so that it reflects the image of unity and broad-based support that is taking hold in the country’s political scenario. “Everyone, and I mean everyone, is invited,” says Sànchez.

The “Gateway” will be divided into 135 segments, one for each seat in the Catalan Parliament, and like in previous years, will begin at precisely 17:14 (5:14pm) in the afternoon (to commemorate the fall of Barcelona in 1714 in the War of Succession).

The group plans to fill the Meridiana Avenue all the way to the Parc de la Ciutadella, a distance of about 5.2 kilometers (3.2 miles). This year, participants will wear a white t-shirt “to symbolize that we have the opportunity to create the country from scratch,” says Josep Sabaté, the demonstration’s lead coordinator. The 135 segments will be divided into 10 themes that represent the values of the Catalan Republic:  territorial balance, diversity, solidarity, openness to the world, sustainability, equality, innovation, democratic regeneration, education and culture, and wellbeing and social justice.

There will also be an empty central corridor that will represent the “gateway” to independence and over which a gigantic pointer will be carried to the doors of the Parliament. The pointer is the icon of the “gateway” and indicates that we know what we want and how to get it, as well as the route toward independence that will collect the values that are present in the mobilization and that transform the initial white canvas into a wave of color as it reaches the Parliament.

Sànchez urged participants to create an image of a Meridiana that is full all the way “to the gates of the Parliament so that politicians can do their work as soon as possible and do it well” and to win a Parliament with a pro-independence majority in the September 27 elections.

Sànchez underscored the call for massive participation in order to convert the “Meridiana into a wave of collective hope” since the “creation of a new country must lead to the creation of a new society”. Like in previous editions hundreds of thousands are expected to attend.

During the summer, various events took place around the territory in order to introduce and encourage debate around the 10 themes of the Catalan Republic.

The foreign assemblies of the ANC have also planned auxiliary events around the world and which can be followed on More than 30 cities around the world will hold events in support of the September 11th demonstration in Barcelona: including New York, Washington or Atlanta in the US and capital cities of Europe including Bern, Berlin, Paris, and London, as well as symbolic places like “The Middle of the World” in Quito, El Salvador, or Teotihuacan, Mexico. Events will also be held in Asia and Australia.