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They will ask for an injunction on the Government Delegate’s order to confiscate flags from fans

The Catalan National Assembly, Òmnium Cultural, DRETS (Legal group), and the Platform for National Catalan Sports Teams roundly reject the decision from Concepción Dancausa, the Spanish Government delegate in Madrid, which prohibits Catalan starred independence flags in the Spanish Cup final match between Barça and Sevilla, next Sunday in Vicente Calderón stadium. The groups point out that the starred independence flag is not prohibited by any law, and that it has been recognized by the Parliament of Catalonia as the legal, legitimate and non-violent symbol of a democratic desire and objective.

Dancausa says that the prohibition against bringing starred Catalan independence flags is consistent with the Spanish Sports Law, but the truth is that the delegate is comparing independence flags with symbols that incite violence, or which are xenophobic or racist. In this fashion, Dancausa is violating the freedom of expression of all of the fans who might take advantage of a game like this to demand, in a peaceful way, that Catalonia become an independent state.

That is why the undersigned civic organizations demand that freedom of expression be respected and we ask for injunctive relief in the form of a suspension of the police order to confiscate the flags. In addition, we declare that there is no reason for changing the rules used for the last two finals of the King’s Cup match, in which the fans of FC Barcelona were able to exhibit their independence flags and their regular Catalan flags with complete freedom.

The DRETS association, in the name of a group of Barça fans who will visit the Vicente Calderón stadium to watch the final match and who may be affected by this decision that attacks their rights of freedom of speech, will ask for an injunction on the Government Delegate’s decision because it violates the rights of freedom of speech of thousands of Catalan people.






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