The “World Catalan Week” is the initiative of the Foreign Assemblies for this 2016 within the framework of the mobilization of the 11S. It´s composed of a set of actions, political and cultural activities and events.

One of the core values of this World Catalan Week, where the activities are conceived to generate debate, it can accommodate and integrate many Catalan organizations and other organizations that also work towards the internationalization, whether separatist or not.
We are organizing a Catalan Week where everyone can keep their role and interests, we work united as the representation of the civil society (organizations and their institutions) to reinforce the positive view of Catalonia in the world.

The activities will start on the 4th of September and will finish on the 11th of September 2016 with the celebration of National Day in Catalonia and around the planet.

We are building peacefully and democratically the Catalan Republic, we are ready, and this is also the story of the World Catalan Week.
We will explain the independence process of Catalonia in 7 cities 7 days with seven main events.



Sunday 04/09


Monday 05/09


Tuesday 06/09


Wednessday 07/09


Thursday 08/09


Friday 09/09

New York

Saturday 10/09