The ANC this year has organised the #CatalanWeek in London, a week full of activities worldwide to explain to other nations the Catalan process to independence, and also to share culture and traditions.

On Monday 05/09 at Cavendish Conference Centre W1G 9DT, we had the opportunity to enjoy a conference/debate with 6 very special guests. They talked about the current situation in Catalonia and the next steps in the Catalan independence road-map.

Liz Castro exposed ANC’s Referendum for Independence proposal, as solution to the current deadlock situation, the proposal was voted in July by the members.

Albert Batet (PDC) The confidence vote will be the start of a decisive year.

Sergi Sabrià (ERC) We must dissolve the line between the citizens pro-independence and the ones against, and to extend the social grounds.

Mireia Boya(CUP) The referendum is the definitive tool and the most consensual to break the status quo.

Jaume Asens (BnComú) We are in a blockage situation. Referendum: How, when, with what alliances…? This is the debate. If we don’t mobilise the NO vote, the referendum will be weakened.

Toni Castellà (Demòcrates) At international level, what’s better understood is to convoke your citizen to the ballot boxes.

On Tuesday 6th of September at Friends House we hosted an English speaking debate about the Catalan independence process within the context of austerity and sovereignty crisis across Europe.

Liz Castro (ANC) I always felt welcome in Catalonia

David McDonald (SNP) Your struggle for independence is our struggle for independence.

Neil Davidson (Glasgow Professor) SNP presented the independence in the most conservative way: i.e. Keeping the monarchy.

Luke Stobart (Journalist) People should have the opportunity to create a debate to decide what Catalonia they want.

David McDonald (SNP) Catalonia has the right to vote and we don’t say this very often.

Liz Castro (ANC) frustration of political parties to not be able to get together. Where is our Martin Luther King?

Neil Davidson (Glasgow Professor) Debt is imposed by our government to force austerity as an excuse

Luke Stobart (Journalist) Gabriel Rufian is a clear example that ethnic nationalism doesn’t exist in Catalonia independence movement

SOLD OUT! A hundred people from different nationalities came to watch the film Traces of Sandalwood.

ANCEngland with the collaboration of Reel Solutions, was proud to present the London premiere of this multicultural film in our multicultural city! The Mediterranean warmth and the colours from India, Barcelona and Mumbai, fuse in this wonderful film with Nandita Das and Aina Clotet produced by a mainly female crew, which was one of the recent box office successes in Catalonia and loved by audiences worldwide.

Winner of the Audience Award at the Montreal World Film Festival 2014 and Gaudí Award 2015 as Best Film, among other prizes and nominations.

Just before the start of the movie a member of the ANCEngland explained the current Catalan political situation and the independence road-map.

photo above Sergi Marcén speech at the Delegation of UK and Ireland event

A numerous assemblage of diplomats, politicians and British journalists, representatives of multinational corporations and the cultural world, as well as Catalan residents in the United Kingdom, attended the reception where the new Head of the Delegation, Sergi Marcen, was presented with the former President of the Catalan Government, Artur Mas, as guest of honour.

In total, more than a hundred people participated in the event organised by the Delegation of Catalonia to the United Kingdom and Ireland at the historic Institute of Directors in London on Thursday September 8.

Among those who attended the ceremony were the representatives from the governments, members of the Houses of Commons and Lords of the British Parliament, diplomats, businesspeople and representatives from the arts and cultural sector.

After the initial welcome with Catalan cava, the Director General for External Relations, Maria Badia, introduced the new head of the Delegation in London Sergi Marcen, thanking his predecessor, Josep Suarez, who was also present at the event, the work done during his years at the delegation.

In his speech, Marcen also wanted to pay tribute to his predecessor and emphasised the enormous responsibility that his role entailed. He also highlighted his priorities: helping the Catalan community, driving investment towards Catalonia and assisting those companies that want to establish themselves in the UK and Ireland, as well as strengthening the bilateral relations with the British and Irish governments.

The former President of the Government of Catalonia, Artur Mas, also gave a speech as guest of honour of the reception on occasion of the National Day of Catalonia.

On Friday Catalans UK organised a dinner with the former President of the Catalan Government, Artur Mas for the Catalan community in the UK

photo above Artur Mas speech at the Delegation of UK and Ireland event

photo above by Catalans UK at their dinner

The Catalan National day celebration this 2016 will take place in the Spa Fields, near the city of London.

We will have a late-ish Picnic Lunch. Bring your yummy food from home, as it’s a Carmanyola Lunch and feel free to share with others.

There will be family activities ‘tallers’ organised by Escola Catalana de Londres.

Save some energy for Sardana Dancing, the Colla Sardanista de Londres will teach you how to time your steps to some traditional Catalan tunes. See if you can keep up!

Huddle up with the Castellers of London for a Human Towers display. They will show us their latest achievements!

To finalise the activities of the #CatalanWeek, the ANC in England will make a speech about the Indy achievements this year, and you can help us singing ‘Els Segadors’, Catalonia National Anthem to conclude this frenetic week.

ANC England wants to give a big thank you to Liz Castro, Sergi Sabrià, Albert Batet, Mireia Boya, Jaume Asens, Toni Castellà, Luke Stobart, David McDonald and Neil Davidson for being with us this week.

A special thank you to Ramon Lamarca, who once again brought a great Catalan movie to London for all of us to enjoy.

Thank you to the Delegation of the Catalan Gov. in UK and Ireland for listening to the Catalan community in London.

Thank you to Castellers of London, Colla Sardanista de Londres and Escola Catalana de Londres for keeping Catalan culture alive for all.

Thank you to the volunteers who have worked restlessly to make the #CatalanWeek a great success (you know who you are 😉).

And of course, a big thank you to all of you, anonimous Catalans and friends of Catalonia for being always there!

We’ll keep working hard for the Catalan community in England and for those non Catalans who would like to find out more about who we are and what we do.

If you would like to help us, please get in touch at and together we will do much more!
Salut i independència!!*!!

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