Population: 7,5 million people, living in 947 towns and cities

Principal cities: Barcelona, Lleida, Girona, Tarragona
Flag: “la Senyera” (12th century)

Surface area: 32,000 km2

GDP: € 209 billion

Universities: 7 public universities, 4 private and 1 online university

Economy: diversified, predominant service sector (70%) and specialised industrial sector (20%), featuring entrepreneurship, technology, innovation and exports as engines.

Barcelona is the main port in the Mediterranean. The city capital is one of the top 20 cities in global competitiveness and is the 7th European city in terms of prospects.

Technological and scientific cluster in southern Europe.

Official languages: Catalan ( >10 million speakers, the 9th most spoken language in the EUR), Spanish, and Aranese-Occitan in part of the Pyrenees.

Institutions: Catalan institutions of self-government date from the Middle Ages.

Parliament: Parliament of Catalonia: 135 members.
Government: Generalitat de Catalunya: formed in 1283, with 130 presidents to date.