We must not be slaves of the past, but rather creators of the future.
Carme Forcadell


Yes 47.74%

No 39.17%

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Dear Editors: I’ve been following international press coverage on Catalonia for many years, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more poorly researched or worse written article than the Read More
Nov 08 2015General
A delegation has been invited to explain the situation of the democratic cause they defend and they have informed that nearly 1.4 million signatures were collected on November 9th 2014. Read More
Catalonia’s push for independence from Spain – BBC News Pro-independence parties in Spain’s richest region, Catalonia, are pushing ahead with a historic plan for an independent state within 18 months, Read More
Nov 04 2015General
Spain doesn’t understand democracy so is it any wonder Catalans want out? This week in Portugal, right-wing president Pedro Passos Coelho has decided to overrule the decision of the people Read More
Oct 29 2015General
The Catalan National Assembly: We declare our satisfaction and our full agreement with the proposed resolution submitted to the registry of the Parliament of Catalonia by Junts pel Sí and Read More
Oct 27 2015General