For all those who are suffering the situation in Turkey
As we watch events unfold with our continental and Mediterranean neighbours, we consider that it is our responsibility to once
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ANC says results of the Independence Referendum proposal are very positive
Jordi Sànchez: “There is no more powerful tool than the celebration of a referendum” The poll of members and supporters
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Against violence and terror: PEACE, RESPECT and SOLIDARITY
  From Catalan Assembly we would like to express our condolences and support to the family and friends to those
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The ANC, Òmnium and the AMI call for strength and unity to fulfil the democratic mandate for independence in the
On November 9, 2014, 2.34 million citizens participated in the “popular consultation” (non-binding poll). 81% of the participants voted “I
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El procés català es dóna a conèixer a la final del Top 14
L’ANC, Òmnium, la Plataforma ProSeleccions i Òmnium Cultural donen la benvinguda als aficionats francesos i expliquen la situació del país
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Catalan National Assembly rejects politically-based police investigations of its members
  We express our solidarity with Former ANC president Carme Forcadell and the members of the ANC fraudulently investigated. This is an
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The Assembly and pro-independence organizations call for ‘a new country free of State corruption’
Thousands of people gather in front of the Spanish government delegation in Barcelona, following the publishing of information involving state
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This evening: Catalan National Assembly to protest anti-Catalan plotting by Spanish State
In response to recordings released that implicate the Spanish Government, the Catalan National Assembly demands, “a country free of State-sponsored
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ANC realizará consulta interna sobre convocatória de um referendo de independência
A última semana representou um ponto de inflexão no processo de independência ora em curso na Catalunha. No Parlamento catalão
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