We are not here to follow a dream. We are the dream.
Muriel Casals i Couturier

Might does not make right – Catalan laws suspended by Spain Constitutional Court [2012-16]
For several years now the Spanish government has been challenging Acts and even Resolutions of the Catalan Parliament before the Spanish Constitutional
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Press Conference with Jordi Sànchez for international media and journalists
 On the occasion of Saint-George’s Day, Catalonia’s Spring National Day, the Catalan National Assembly (ANC) invites journalists and media from
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Our condolences and support for the victims of the attacks in Brussels. Solidarity and peace are the only way forward.
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Madrid, Spain | Academics and politicians call for the Catalan problem to be solved with the principle of democracy
Press release by DIPLOCAT Even though Catalonia is one of the important topics in current Spanish politics, in Madrid it
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The National Catalan Assembly’s International Committee and the Dignity Commission Tribute the memory of Terence MacSwiney
Irleland-Catalonia, more than a Century of solidarity since the Easter Rising The National Catalan Assembly’s (ANC) International Committee and the
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Successful YesCyrmu inaugural conference in Cardiff
The new Organization will campaign for independence for Wales through political action and organization of events as seen in Scotland
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YesCyrmu Inaugural Conference by Liz Castro
Two things struck me as I got off the train in Cardiff after a 7-hour trip from Barcelona: one expected
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The Catalan National Assembly, the AMI and the ACM stand firm in their commitment with freedom, justice and democracy
The Catalan National Assembly (ANC), the Association of Municipalities for Independence (AMI) and the Catalan Association of Municipalities (ACM) would
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The Catalan Anomaly
by RAMON FOLCH translated by Ingrid Vilanova Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger created Wikipedia in January 2001. Its success was instant. There
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