5b7449ba-391e-4c88-bf11-7505736b0058In response to recordings released that implicate the Spanish Government, the Catalan National Assembly demands, “a country free of State-sponsored corruption”

The Catalan National Assembly has called an urgent demonstration this evening at 7:30pm in front of the Spanish Government Delegation building in Barcelona (at the corner of Roger de Llúria and Mallorca Streets) among other Catalan cities, to demand a ‘country that is free of State-sponsored corruption’.

The demonstration’s message is an expression of the indignation generated by recent press reports indicating that the Spanish Government is involved in fabricating stories against Catalan pro-independence political leaders.

Catalan members of the European Parliament including Ramon Tremosa and Ernest Maragall announced late yesterday that they would protest the Spanish Government plotting in parliamentary session today.

We at the ANC defend the consturction of a free, just and democratic Catalan Republic, where there is no room for such actions that infringe our people’s most basic liberties.

What: Demonstration for a country free of State-sponsored corruption

Where: In front of the Spanish Delegation Building in Barcelona (at the corner of Roger de Llúria and Mallorca streets) and in other Catalan cities.

When: Today (Wednesday, June 22), at 7:30pm


For more details on allegations of Spanish misconduct, see Catalan News Agency report: “Spanish Minister for Home Affairs and Anti-fraud Office Director allegedly plot against CDC and ERC” (http://www.catalannewsagency.com/politics/item/spanish-minister-for-home-affairs-and-anti-fraud-office-director-allegedly-plot-against-cdc-and-erc) and the original news article in Público: Jorge Fernández Díaz: “El presidente del Gobierno lo sabe” [Interior Minister Jorge Fernández Díaz: “The President of the Government knew about it”] http://www.publico.es/politica/fernandez-diaz-presidente-del-gobierno.html

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