RdP Resultats Consulta taulaJordi Sànchez: “There is no more powerful tool than the celebration of a referendum”

The poll of members and supporters of the Catalan National Assembly on the Independence Referendum that was held on Friday and Saturday, and electronically from Wednesday to Saturday, had a 26% turnout. Supporters of modifying the roadmap to include a binding referendum on independence accounted for 75% of the votes with 22% opposed to the changes. Blank and null votes totalled 3%. The result of the internal poll partially modifies the Catalan Assembly’s roadmap approved at the Ordinary General Assembly held last April in Manresa.

Natalia Esteve, vice-president of the ANC, on behalf of the Catalan National Assembly said she was pleased with the participation in the poll and particularly the high level of political debate. The decision of the members of the Catalan Assembly will be communicated to all pro-independence groups and organizations to incorporate the referendum as a key element in completing the process of independence for Catalonia.

The president of the Assemblea pointed out the ANC thinks that “There is no more powerful tool that the celebration of a referendum” and insisted that a binding referendum for independence is the goal, calling for the determination of the Catalan institutions (Parliament and government) to convey and organize the referendum even if the Spanish government will not agree to it, and continues to ignore the democratic demands of the Catalan people. The proposed referendum seeks to preserve and strengthen the unity for independence and, at the same time, to unify the broader social majority calling for the right to self-determination. In the upcoming weeks, the ANC will resume talks with civic organizations and pro-independence parties in order to come to consensus on a single, inclusive roadmap.

Liz Castro, former chair of the International Affairs Committee, highlighted the importance of having international observers to guarantee the referendum internationally, and the need for international recognition. Agusti Alcoberro, National Secretary, has mentioned the intention of the ANC to extend the political debate beyond its members and supporters, to increase the support for the Yes, to increase the social majority and prepare society to democratically decide the most important decision for the country. For this reason, the ANC is committed to working with the highest rigor and with specialists from different professional fields, to finalize a document with the answers to the doubts and alternatives to the different scenarios that will arise in the upcoming months with the referendum for independence on the horizon.

The Catalan Assembly is aware of the political situation and we are concerned about the motion for confidence in the President of the Generalitat Carles Puigdemont to be held next September and, in this regard, the ANC appealed again for unity. The Catalan Assembly will not intervene in the debate on the matter of how to proceed with the motion, but we insist that confidence in the President and his government must be approved by the majority stipulated by the law.

For more information, contact please with: international.press@assemblea.cat

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