Supporters will be protesting over Catalonia’s Speaker Carme Forcadell’s criminal prosecution by the Spanish Attorney General.

Pro-independence organisations will hand out 30,000 estelades (starred Catalan flags) at the FC Barcelona – Manchester City game tomorrow.

The Catalan National Assembly (ANC), Òmnium Cultural, the Platform for Catalan Sports teams and Drets will hand out 30,000 estelades – Catalan independence flags – to supporters of both teams at the Champions League game between Manchester City and FC Barcelona on Wednesday.

This action will take place thanks to dozens of volunteers who will hand out flags at the entrances to the Camp Nou stadium. Fans are asked to display the flags as the players take to the field before the match starts, and at 17 minutes, 14 seconds into both halves of the game. Fans are also called on to bring estelades from home, to show their support for the protest.

The action aims at supporting Speaker of the House Carme Forcadell and the Catalan institutions threatened by criminal prosecution from the Spanish Government. This is why Catalan independence flags waving and “independence!” collective chants at minute 17:14 (remembering lost Catalonia sovereignty in 1714) will be dedicated to Speaker Carme Forcadell. The game will be Forcadell’s first public appearance after Spain’s Attorney General has pressed charges against her for “misconduct and disobedience” for presiding over a debate on Catalan independence.

The action aims at defending the right to freedom of expression as well. The estelada flag is legal in Spain and Barça supporters have waved it with pride for years until UEFA decided to fine the club with €30,000 after the 2015 Champions League final in Berlin.

Despite Barça’s attempts to have the fine overturned, UEFA finally decided to deliver Barça a fine of €150,000 for allowing independence flags to be shown at Champions League games throughout the 2015-2016 season.


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