In view to this week’s events in the Parliament of Catalonia, which the governance agreementof January 2016 between sovereignist parties has been compromised and with it the roadmap to independence severely weakened, the Catalan Assembly proposes a referendum on independence as the most democratically legitimate and effective way to bring about the Catalan Republic.

For this reason, the National Secretariat of the ANC met today in Badalona and agreed to hold an internal vote in order to allow all members to ratify this decision. If approved, the ANC will urge the Government and Parliament of Catalonia to hold a referendum with two answers to a single question, clearly worded with regard to independence so that the citizens of Catalonia can decide their political future. Under this plan, a victory for the YES to independence vote would imply an immediate declaration of independence.

At this turning point for the independence process, the ANC renews its call for civil society and pro-independence groups to once again take the lead in the civic, democratic movement for the Catalan Republic, demanding that the political parties do what’s needed to complete the independence process.