[blockquote cite=”Carme Forcadell” type=”center” style=”font-size: 400%;margin-top: 0;margin-bottom: 50px;padding: 0; background-color: #ffde00″] Dobbiamo smettere di essere schiavi del passato e diventare creatori del futuro.


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Si 47.74%

No 39.17%

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The Big lie about the Joan Coma case
Judicial proceedings would not have been undertaken against the Catalan City Councilor if he had not defended the independence project
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November 13th demonstration. “For democracy, let us defend our institutions”
The show of support for those prosecuted for Catalonia's sovereignty process overflows Barcelona's Avinguda María Cristina  Convened by the ANC,
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ANC Brussel’s Roundtable in Dutch: “Catalonia: a new European state?”
The Catalan National Assembly-Brussels invites the Dutch-speaking public to a roundtable discussion on a subject on EU’s agenda: Will Catalonia
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Montse Venturós, you will never walk alone
The Mayor of Berga, Montse Venturós, was detained this morning by surprise. Her crime? She hung a pro-independence flag from the
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Camp Nou to welcome Manchester City with thousands of Catalan independence flags
Supporters will be protesting over Catalonia’s Speaker Carme Forcadell’s criminal prosecution by the Spanish Attorney General. Pro-independence organisations will hand
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The CatalanWeek arrives in Mexico
The Catalan Assembly in Mexico will hold political debates and cultural events to explain Catalonia and its independence process. Jaume
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On our Marks for the Catalan Republic
On our Marks for the Catalan Republic We did it again. We filled the streets again—this year, in five cities
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Once again: Independence demonstration exceeds forecasts in Barcelona and surrounding sites
Simultaneous demonstrations of hundreds of thousans of people, called by the Catalan National Assembly and Omnium Cultural in Lleida, Berga,
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7 events in London during the #CatalanWeek
The ANC this year has organised the #CatalanWeek in London, a week full of activities worldwide to explain to other
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