A textbook political show trial

After failing in negotiations for a new fiscal arrangement, Mr. Artur Mas (then-Catalan Premier), called and won the 2012 regional elections with a clear promise: to convene a poll on whether Catalonia should be an independent state. More than 80% of MPS in the Catalan Parliament voted in favour of this poll. Mr. Mas officially [...]

February 13th, 2017|General|

Summary of judicial proceedings against Catalan authorities

Summary of the main court cases filed against Catalan authorities for actions related to the self-determination process since 2012. Background Among other reasons, Catalan society reached its tipping point to the independence of the country in 2010, when a Spanish Constitutional Court ruling sturck down parts of the Catalan Statute of Autonomy (regional constitution), which had been approved by [...]

February 5th, 2017|General|

The Big lie about the Joan Coma case

Judicial proceedings would not have been undertaken against the Catalan City Councilor if he had not defended the independence project a a aa a a a It is so shocking that a European democratic state detain an elected official for having expressed his ideas in a plenary session of his municipal government that those who [...]

December 29th, 2016|General|

November 13th demonstration. “For democracy, let us defend our institutions”

The show of support for those prosecuted for Catalonia's sovereignty process overflows Barcelona's Avinguda María Cristina  Convened by the ANC, Omnium and the AMI, thousands of people have again taken to the streets to defend democracy in the face of the Spanish State's attacks through the court. During the massive event held today in Barcelona, [...]

November 13th, 2016|General|

ANC Brussel’s Roundtable in Dutch: “Catalonia: a new European state?”

The Catalan National Assembly-Brussels invites the Dutch-speaking public to a roundtable discussion on a subject on EU’s agenda: Will Catalonia become a new European state? We will discuss about it in the capital of Belgium and the European Union and with a diversity of opinions. There will be a public debate, with speakers representing public [...]

November 8th, 2016|General|

Montse Venturós, you will never walk alone

The Mayor of Berga, Montse Venturós, was detained this morning by surprise. Her crime? She hung a pro-independence flag from the balcony of the city hall. Instead of persecuting corruption, the State demostrates its impotence by pursuing through the court system more than 300 city hall governments that have decided that the path to the Catalan [...]

November 4th, 2016|General|

Camp Nou to welcome Manchester City with thousands of Catalan independence flags

Supporters will be protesting over Catalonia’s Speaker Carme Forcadell’s criminal prosecution by the Spanish Attorney General. Pro-independence organisations will hand out 30,000 estelades (starred Catalan flags) at the FC Barcelona – Manchester City game tomorrow. The Catalan National Assembly (ANC), Òmnium Cultural, the Platform for Catalan Sports teams and Drets will hand out 30,000 estelades [...]

October 18th, 2016|General|

The CatalanWeek arrives in Mexico

The Catalan Assembly in Mexico will hold political debates and cultural events to explain Catalonia and its independence process. Jaume Sobrequés y Callicó, professor of history at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), and current director of the Contemporary History Center of Catalonia, will give a series of talks and will participate in a round [...]

September 29th, 2016|General|

On our Marks for the Catalan Republic

On our Marks for the Catalan Republic We did it again. We filled the streets again—this year, in five cities across the country—and once again we helped give voice to the desire for freedom of the majority of the people in Catalonia. This year the challenge was huge but we succeeded again. A remarkable effort [...]

September 19th, 2016|General|

Once again: Independence demonstration exceeds forecasts in Barcelona and surrounding sites

Simultaneous demonstrations of hundreds of thousans of people, called by the Catalan National Assembly and Omnium Cultural in Lleida, Berga, Girona, Tarragona and Barcelona were larger than expected, a great day of civic protest. In Barcelona, crowds of families and neighbors joined together in the streets to form a group that stretched for nearly two [...]

September 13th, 2016|General|

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