“When our institutions step forward, we are all there, ready to take the path together.”
The Catalan National Assembly, Òmnium Cultural and the Association of Pro-independence Municipalities rejected the latest statement by the lame duck Spanish Government which called on the Spanish Constitutional Court to once again act against a resolution approved by the legitimate, pro-independence majority of the Catalan Parliament.

Last Wednesday, the Catalan National Assembly celebrated the Parliamentary approval of the conclusions of the Constituent Process Study Committee. Today, the Spanish Government reacted with the now systematic method of responding to political questions by delegating responsibility to the judiciary.

The Spanish Government rejects any possibility of arriving at a negotiated solution to solve the political problem that the Spanish State has with Catalonia, and the results of the June 26 Spanish elections, reaffirming the earlier results from December 20, indicate that there will be no change in strategy.

The conclusions presented by the Constituent Process Study Committee, begin “Currently, there is no margin for maneuvering to recognize the right to decide of the Catalan people within the Spanish legal and constitutional legal framework. The only possible way to exercise this right is through disconnection and then activation of our own constituent process.”

Given that a negotiated referendum would require a modification of the Spanish Constitution (which would require 2/3 of both the Congress and the Senate in favor of such a change), and that currently 70% of the Congress and Senate are against the Catalan people’s right to decide, such a possibility is quite unimaginable.

Nevertheless, the three pro-independence groups continue to be open to the possibility of a negotiated date and question in order to exercise the right to democratically decide the political future of Catalonia through the celebration of a referendum on independence. This political and democratic exercise is the only way to avoid an institutional impasse, and to answer the political demands in Catalonia.

The three pro-independence groups demand the Spanish State and its institutions act democratically, and recognize the legitimate parliamentary majority ratified at the ballot boxes on September 27, 2015. The ANC, Òmnium Cultural and AMI also ask all of the political forces and groups in the Spanish State who consider themselves democratic to reject the threatening behavior of the current lame duck Government and to give their support to a negotiated solution that calls for a referendum on independence.

The defiant tone, the threats, and the outright rejection of the right to decide are no way to politically solve what is strictly a political matter.

The ANC also wishes to express its sincere appreciation to the Very Honorable President of the Parliament of Catalonia, and expresident of the ANC itself, Carme Forcadell, to the Government and to the members of the Parliamentary groups Junts pel Sí and the CUP, who continue to work toward the construction of a new Catalan Republic. “We are at your side, and we will always be at your side, wherever and whenever necessary, to defend our sovereignty.”

pic. @arnau_torrente