LeCombatIndependantisteCatalan-13aout2016-FSM-ANCQuebec More than 50,000 participants from over 5000 organizations and 120 countries are expected

This year, the Catalan National Assembly (ANC) has been invited to participate in the 12th World Social Forum (#WSF2016 and #FSM2016), in Montreal, by the Société Saint-Jean-Baptiste, which is in charge of coordinating the Comitè sobre l’Autodeterminació dels Pobles [Committee on Self-Determination of Peoples]. This group, founded in 1834, is the oldest civic organization promoting Quebec’s national liberation.

From today until Saturday, the ANC will participate in various events organized by the Comitè, in order to reinforce the connections, interchanges and alliances of the leaders of different pro-independence and social liberation movements around the world. The conferences and activities of the WSF are focused on the different kinds of peaceful struggle used by minority peoples to exercise their right to self-determination, and which facilitate the opportunity for exchange and solidarity. Pro-independence groups from Quebec, Scotland, and other nations that are struggling to exercise their self-determination have already shown an interest in previous occasions in the work of the ANC.

ANC National Secretary Joan Gonzalez Fabra will speak about Catalonia on Saturday, August 13 at 3pm EDT (9pm CET in Barcelona), outlining the role of the ANC beginning in 2012 as a way of organizing and mobilizing civil society in favor of Catalan independence and in self-determination in general. Gonzalez Fabra will also participate in a round table later that same Saturday at 7pm EDT (1am CET on Saturday the 14th) followed by a question and answer session. The Forum activities and conferences will be streamed online, as well as through the Catalan Assembly Twitter (@catalanassembly) and Facebook (/catalanassembly) pages.

The ANC will also participate in the press conference with the principal participants (date, time and location to be announced). Having an official envoy of the ANC has also attracted interest from local press. On Thursday, Gonzalez Fabra will meet with members of the local chapter of the ANC Quebec, and will go to a practice of the local human-tower building group, Castellers de Montreal.

Joan Gonzalez Fabra is a member of the Economic and Territorial Actions committees of the ANC. Originally from the town of Deltebre, he is pursuing his doctorate in Computational Chemistry from the renowned Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ) in Tarragona. He is also active on social media and was the person responsible for proposing the addition of an official referendum on independence within the Assembly this past July.

The participation of the Catalan National Assembly at the World Social Forum is part of the Assembly’s activities around the world, thanks to the work of the International Affairs Committee, the Foreign Assemblies of the ANC and the CAEC. Since 2013, these groups have been using debates, conferences and other activities to explain Catalonia’s independence movement to the world. Such activity will be particularly relevant this year in the week before Catalonia’s National Day on September 11.


World Social Forum 2016: https://fsm2016.org/en/

Société Saint-Jean-Baptiste: http://ssjb.com/


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