The Foreign Assemblies (Assemblees Exteriors) of the Catalan National Assembly are grassroots and democratic associations that have been constituted by Catalans living abroad in order to foster the self-determination process of Catalonia.

While the Catalan National Assembly works mainly in Catalonia, there are many Catalans living abroad, some permanently, some others temporarily, who are eager to participate in the self-determination process of their country, even if from a distance. These expatriates are able to work together from their host countries to promote the road map towards a Catalan State by creating their own local associations, which are called Foreign Assemblies and are an integral part of the Catalan National Assembly.

These Foreign Assemblies are autonomous and self-regulated groups, organized under democratic and transparent principles. Their members are drawn from civil society and endeavour to collaborate in a non-partisan and peaceful way to foster the aims of the Catalan National Assembly, the self-determination of Catalonia and eventually the creation of a new Catalan State. Each one of these groups is open to anyone who shares our mission and is willing to cooperate in good faith to achieve our objectives.

Active Foreign Assemblies

There are 37 constituted ANC Foreign Assemblies all around the world:

  • ANC Andorra (constituted August 2013) contact
  • ANC Argentina (constituted December 2013) contact
  • ANC Australia (constituted December 2013) contact
  • ANC Austria (constituted March 2014) contact
  • ANC Basque Country (constituted February 2014) contact
  • ANC Belgium (constituted January 2013) contact
  • ANC Brazil (constituted July 2014) contact
  • ANC Chile (constituted June 2013) contact
  • ANC China (constituted May 2014) contact
  • ANC Colombia (constituted August 2014) contact
  • ANC Czech Republic (constituted May 2014) contact
  • ANC Denmark (constituted November 2013) contact
  • ANC Dominican Republic (constituted December 2013) contact
  • ANC Ecuador (constituted December 2013) contact
  • ANC El Salvador (constituted November 2013) contact
  • ANC England (constituted October 2013) contact
  • ANC France (constituted July 2013) contact
  • ANC Galicia (constituted September 2014) contact
  • ANC Germany (constituted October 2013) contact
  • ANC Hong Kong (constituted October 2013) contact
  • ANC Ireland (constituted August 2013) contact
  • ANC Israel (constituted September 2013) contact
  • ANC Italy (constituted April 2014) contact
  • ANC Luxembourg (constituted July 2013) contact
  • ANC Madrid (constituted October 2014) contact
  • ANC Mexico (constituted October 2013) contact
  • ANC Netherlands (constituted January 2014) contact
  • ANC New Zealand (constituted July 2014) contact
  • ANC Norway (constituted April 2014) contact
  • ANC Poland (constituted June 2013) contact
  • ANC Quebec (constituted March 2014) contact
  • ANC Scotland (constituted June 2013) contact
  • ANC Sweden (constituted April 2014) contact
  • ANC Switzerland (constituted October 2013) contact
  • ANC Thailand (constituted May 2014) contact
  • ANC United Arab Emirates (constituted September 2014) contact
  • ANC United States (constituted July 2013) contact

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Council of the Catalan Foreign Assemblies

In order to coordinate their actions and share their limited resources, the Foreign Assemblies have set up the Council of the Catalan Foreign Assemblies. The Council is based in Barcelona, but it is constituted by representatives of all the Foreign Assemblies who work together to achieve the aims of the CNA in the world.

Corada contra els aragonesos senyeres

The Council of the Catalan Foreign Assemblies has been established as an organ of coordination by the Catalan National Assembly (chapter XVI of the association’s statutes) and is governed by its own regulation, which ensures that all its internal processes and decisions are fully democratic and transparent.