The Catalan National Assembly (ANC) organises “Gateway to the Catalan Republic” in more than 50 countries worldwide. This summer, large human arrowheads will be built in preparation for the massive demonstration scheduled in Barcelona on the 11th of September. With the message #CataloniaSaysYes, these human arrowheads aim at demanding democratically and peacefully the rights of Catalans to vote on their independence.

For the last 3 years, millions have pacifically marched for the independence of Catalonia. This included the 2013 human chain crossing the Catalan country from the French border to the south border near Valencia which saw the participation of 1.5 million people and the 2014 V-shaped demonstration which saw even more participants with 1.8 million people in the streets of Barcelona. This year’s demonstration on the 11th of September occurs two weeks before the Catalan plebiscitary elections.

These early elections scheduled for the 27th of September are being held after the symbolic but non-binding vote on 9 November 2014. On the 2014 vote, 2.3 million people participated with 80% in favour of secession from Spain according to the official results. Should the Catalan pro-independence alliance secure a majority, the new Catalan Government will declare the independence within 18 months.

In London, the ANC is planning a Catalan Street Party starting with a parade at the City Information Centre at St. Paul’s Cathedral on the 5 th of September at 12pm. The parade will continue along the south side of the Thames Path in route to the finishing point, Kennington Park.

The ten programmed stops celebrate each pillar of the new Catalan State: Democracy, Education and Culture, Openness to the World, Welfare and Social Justice, Innovation, Diversity, Sustainability, Regional Balance, Solidarity, and Equality.

From 2pm, the party will continue at Kennington Park with a late lunch picnic, catered by Catalans UK. Entertaining activities will be organized in the park. This will include an obstacle course for kids, displays of human towers by Castellers of London, popular folkloric dances by Colla Sardanista de Londres. The party will conclude with an arrowhead-shaped human mosaic organised by the ANCEngland.