According to the legend of the Senyera, its origin comes from the counts who lived in the Kingdom of Aragon in the middle age. While they were fighting in the battles one of them got injured on his hand which was holding a shield of copper to protect himself, and blood started to run out from his 4 fingers, that’s why the Senyera has a yellow background with 4 red lines.
Catalonia has one of the most ancients parliaments of the world. The cellist, Pau Casals said in 1971, before the interpretation of his worldwide known “Birdsong”: Catalonia has been the mayor nation of the world. I will tell you why: Catalonia had the first Parliament, much before than England. And was Catalonia where there was a principle of “United Nations”. All the ctaalan authorities were gathered in the XI. Century to talk about peace. Yes, in the XI. Century! Peace in the world, because Catalonia was already againts war, against everything inhumane that wars have. Yes, in the XI. Centruy, this was Catalonia!”