. A decentralized demonstration organized in Barcelona to support democracy and defend the Catalan institutions overflows St. Jaume Square

 . A manifest by the National Platform for the Right to Decide has been read in front of hundreds of city halls throughout Catalonia

Hundreds of citizens have followed the call of the ANC, Òmnium, ACM and AMI and gathered this morning (9.30 am) and this afternoon (3.30 pm) in front of the Superior Court of Catalonia (TSJC) to show their support for the Catalan Minister of Education, Irene Rigau, and Former Vice President, Joana Ortega. The mentioned politicians were called to testify about her involvement with the non-binding popular consultation on Catalan independence held November 9, 2015.

Representatives of domestic entities and local associations, among political representatives, supported Irene Rigau and Joana Ortega.

This evening at 7:30 pm, a manifest by the National Platform for the Right to Decide has been read in front of hundreds of city halls throughout Catalonia in order to mark these first court appearances by political leaders accused of facilitating the popular, non-binding referendum held on November 9th, and in which more than 2.3 million people participated. In Barcelona, St. Jaume square, where the City Hall is located in front of the Government building, was overflowed. Barcelona’s Mayor Ada Colau has read the manifest, then the video “9N SOM TOTS” (“We all are 9N”) was screened. The event finished singing “Els Segadors”, the national anthem of Catalonia.

Some representatives attending this afternoon event in St. Jaume square were:

  • Ramón Espadaler (UDC)
  • Joan Rigol (PNDD)
  • Marina Geli (MES)
  • Joan Herrera (ICV)
  • Francesc Homs (Goverment)
  • Neus Munté (Goverment)
  • David Companyon (EUiA)
  • Alfred Bosch (ERC)
  • Toni Castellà (Demòcrates de Catalunya)
  • Albert Botrán (CUP)
  • Josep Rull (CDC)
  • Lluis Rabell (CSQEP)
  • Ada Colau (Mayor of Barcelona)
  • Josep Maria Àlvarez (UGT)
  • Joan Caball (Unió de Pagesos)
  • Oriol Illa (Taula d’entitats del Tercer Sector Social de Catalunya)
  • Eduardo Reyes (Súmate)
  • Òscar Escuder (Plataforma per la Llengua)
  • Quim Torra (Òmnium)
  • Francesc Boronat (Joves Agricultors i ramaders de Catalunya)
  • Carles Sastre (Intersindical – CSC)
  • Pep Ribas (Coordinadora d’Associacions per la Llengua Catalana)
  • Isona Passola (Consell Nacional de la Cultura i de les Arts)
  • Perfecto Alonso (Confederació de Cooperatives de Catalunya)
  • Joan Carles Gallego (CCOO)
  • David Minoves (CIEMEN), (AMI)
  • Jordi Sànchez (president of the ANC).


Today’s demonstrations not only show support for the Catalan politicians charged, but also for democracy and in defense of the Catalan institutions. The court appearances happen to coincide with the military tribunal ordered execution of Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia (October 13, 1909), the pedagogue and founder of L’Escola Moderna (Modern School), and also with the 75th anniversary of the execution of Lluís Companys (October 15, 1940) the only democratically-elected president in Europe to be judged and executed by a military court.

On Thursday, Catalan President Artur Mas will also be called before the TSJC.

The screened video “9N SOM TOTS” (“We all are 9N”):  https://www.youtube.com/user/araeslhoraTV

Upcoming demonstrations: Thursday, October 15
– 9:00 am, Arc de Triomf, Barcelona; Local elected political representatives will demonstrate in front of the President Companys Memorial.
– 9.30h, TSJC (Lluís Companys Av., 14-16, Barcelona); Show of support for Catalan President Artur Mas