On our Marks for the Catalan Republic

We did it again. We filled the streets again—this year, in five cities across the country—and once again we helped give voice to the desire for freedom of the majority of the people in Catalonia. This year the challenge was huge but we succeeded again. A remarkable effort by a lot of people has placed the final goal, Catalonia’s independence, within reach. As we sing in our national anthem: “When necessary, we break our chains.”

We have seen, that when it’s necessary, it’s necessary, when something must be done, we do it, and when it’s time, it’s time. We realize that people want this Diada to be the last one that we celebrate within the Spanish State. We have a commitment from our representatives, and we ourselves our committed to help them fulfill their commitment. We have a clear, precise, unquestionable mandate: to make the Independence of Catalonia a reality.

The members of the Catalan National Assembly have assigned us the job of holding and winning a referendum, which we know to be the most efficient, most democratic, most legitimate tool for attaining our objective. This September 11th has made us stronger, and now we must execute the mandate we received. The process must be completed. We must close this chapter in our history. September 11th is over. It was a great success, thanks to all those who made it possible. Now, the decisive step to achieve our own State begins. We’re ready, on our marks. Let’s go.

The Catalan National Assembly wants to clearly and firmly express the following points:
1. We wish to thank everyone for their contributions to the success of our Catalan National Day demonstrations.
2. We declare our steadfast determination to make this September 11th the last one that we celebrate under the Spanish legal system.
3. We strongly proclaim that we, the people, are ready to culminate this process of winning Catalonia’s independence without further ado.
4. We address the international community and insist on the recognition of our democratic will.
5. We will not rest in our efforts to increase popular support for the Catalan Republic and we will strive to progress towards a fairer and more prosperous and democratic society.
6. We are committed to continuing to work toward the celebration of a referendum, which we believe is the clearest and most inclusive mechanism for reaching independence; we will leave no stone unturned on our way to victory.
7. We encourage our country’s political and social organizations to come together on a common roadmap to independence which includes the celebration of a referendum.
8. We declare our commitment and support to the defense of our institutions and our legitimate representatives who, loyally and steadfastly, have taken and will continue to take the necessary measures in order to culminate the process towards our country’s freedom.

Castelló d’Empúries, Catalonia, September 17, 2016