The Catalan National Assembly:

We declare our satisfaction and our full agreement with the proposed resolution submitted to the registry of the Parliament of Catalonia by Junts pel Sí and the CUP, since they embody the will and spirit of the majority of the citizens who, this past 27 September, expressed ourselves unmistakably at the polls.

We encourage parliamentary groups that have arisen from these elections to stand firm and to debate and approve this resolution in the shortest possible time. We also encourage them to support those other representatives of popular sovereignty who have been electorally committed to initiating a constituent process in Catalonia.

Once again, we reject the all too common threats made by the President in Functions of the Spanish Government, Mariano Rajoy. In keeping with the commitment of the ANC to promote the social and political process towards independence, we express the will to mobilise Catalan society against any attack on our representative institutions and government.

We call on all those who participate in our country’s society to decide on the necessary involvement and reach agreements for defending the actions of the Parliament of Catalonia on the path to building an independent constitutional process.