The new Organization will campaign for independence for Wales through political action and organization of events as seen in Scotland (YesScotland) and Catalonia (Catalan National Assembly)siaradwyr-yescymru-lansiad-2016

The launch took place on Saturday 20th in the newly renovated “Yr Hen Lyfrgell” (Old Library), Cardiff, in front of a full room. The crowd listened carefully—in English and in Welsh—to the speeches of Shona McAlpine from Scotland’s Yes Campaign, John Dixon formerly of Plaid Cymru, and Liz Castro, Chair of the ANC International committee.

Iestyn ap Rhobert, the group’s new president, welcomed the audience and introduced the movement “We don’t want to create a new country just to keep doing the same old same old, we want to create a new country to ensure there’s more social justice and a better society.” Iestyn ap Rhobert encouraged “the people of Wales to be ambitious for Wales. If independence is good enough for Ireland or Denmark, it is good enough for Wales.

Shona McAlpine described how Scotland’s Yes campaign had thoroughly invigorated public debate with people participating, debating, canvassing, in short, not waiting around for politicians to solve things, but rather rolling up their sleeves and tackling the problems directly. “People felt empowered.” (

John Dixon, began his remarks by quoting a Welsh saying, “Old age doesn’t come by itself” to explain that he’s been fighting this fight a long time. “We need to stop depending on a narrow electoral movement for Welsh independence,” he said and stated that the Welsh want to be able to address the issue of independence openly and clearly, and then vote. (, in Welsh and English)

After a break with entertainment by the popular singer Caryl Parry Jones, Liz Castro explained how the Catalan independence movement had not come from the politicians, but rather from determined individuals, who each in their own way had laid the foundation for the massive demonstrations that had pushed their political leaders to move forward towards the independence of Catalonia. One of the key elements, she told them, “was the belief that independence was possible.”  Liz Castro added, “There are so many similarities between Scotland, Wales and Catalonia’s struggles. We all simply want to have our voices heard, and have some control over our own resources and our own destiny. I think there is a lot we can learn from each other as well.”

The final speaker was Iestyn ap Rhobert, who said, “We wrote our own laws a thousand years ago! We have to ask loads of questions. We have to put them on the spot.”

The International ANC (International Committee and The Catalan Foreign Assemblies Council) works towards the internationalization of the Catalan independence movement participating in conferences around the world among organizing events and campaigns like the recent campaign in support of the Catalan Ministry of Foreign Affairs that you can follow by Twitter #CataloniaAloud (



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