The ANC is thrilled that the 72 pro-independence MPs have finally reached an agreement to invest the President and form a Government to carry out the democratic mandate of the 27S election outcome.

We are pleased that the efforts made to reach this agreement include a series of elements to reinforce the new government that will lead us to the Catalan Republic.

The ANC encourages the new government to carry out and develop the Declaration adopted by the Parliament on 9 November and we agree to give it our full support from civil society.

From this very minute, the Catalan National Assembly will continue to work to further broaden the social majority in favour of independence. We pledge to strengthen the independence process with initiatives that help us to get closer and agree together with all those people and organizations that are working to build the new country.

An 18-month period (which could even be shorter) will now start, during which we shall have to work hard with all our enthusiasm to build the firm foundations of what is to be our new country, the free, democratic and socially just Catalan Republic.

L’ANC celebra que finalment els 72 diputats independentistes hagin assolit un acord per investir President i formar Govern