A delegation has been invited to explain the situation of the democratic cause they defend and they have informed that nearly 1.4 million signatures were collected on November 9th 2014.

To commemorate the anniversary of the popular poll on that day that allowed the citizens of Catalonia to express freely and democratically what they wanted as regards the political future of their county, civil organisations have sent a delegation to the Council of Europe to hold a meeting at which they have informed about the current situation and the lack of democracy shown by the Spanish Government in regard to Catalan citizens.

The representatives of the ANC, Jordi Sànchez (president), and the AMI Carles Puigdemont (president), travelled to Strasbourg to inform about the signatures collected on that date, requesting an official referendum.

In Jordi Sànchez words: “As emissaries of civil society we have given information to the Council of Europe’s presidential team about the great democratic civically-based movement that has featured in Catalonia in the recent years.” He added that the fact that “a European body listens to us shows that there a will to promote future conversations between Catalonia and Spain and that Catalonia is an issue on the European agenda.”

Carles Puigdemont for his part said: “We have delivered to the Council of Europe presidential team the broad support of local organisations for the Catalan democratic process towards the achievement of a new state, given the long European tradition in this domain”.

During the meeting, Sànchez and Puigdemont handed over the affidavit copy certifying the existence and authenticity of 1,385,628 signatures from the Catalan society in addition to the 3,703 signatures of elected officials from various institutions gathered the 9th of November of 2014, in addition, they handed over a brochure outlining the political process in the region of Catalonia and an informative letter to the European Council Assembly.

Find attached extracts of the letter that has been presented and formally registered in the Council of Europe. They include a chronological explanation of all the steps and actions promoted by civil society and/or the Catalan Government. The letter focuses on the following points:

1. By reason of democratic legitimacy the Catalan people have political and legal sovereignty.

2. The Catalan people, either directly or through our political representatives, have insistently expressed our will to decide our political future in the last few years.

3. The Parliament and the Government of Catalonia have followed all the necessary steps in order to fulfill the democratic mandate arising from the November 25, 2012 elections and have at all times upheld the principles of legitimacy, democracy, dialogue, negotiation, legality and social cohesion, precisely as they were understood in the Declaration of Sovereignty.
4. Until now, the Spanish State has not proceeded in accordance with the international practice of democratic countries and international law.

For these reasons, in application of the democratic principles that inspire the Charter of the United Nations and the successive agreements and international treaties that guarantee the rights of peoples to decide their political future, we address the Council of Europe and in particular its Parliamentary Assembly, in order to inform it about the circumstances that currently block the exercise of the right of the citizens of Catalonia to democratically decide our future.”

Find attached the letter as annexed document.

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Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question or interview request with any of the representatives of the entities mentioned in this PR:

Esther López (ANC): +34 607.21.66.69
Pol Guàrdia (ANC): +34 686 84 74 06
Xavier Vilà (AMI): +34 639.91.89.35

Also attached pictures of the representatives in this meeting to the European Council.