Jordi Sànchez (Assemblea): «Spain’s democracy has a problem».

Quim Torra (Òmnium): «solidarity with people sued for doing what we asked them to do”»

The demonstration, called by the Catalan National Assembly (ANC), Òmnium Cultural, the Catalan Association of Local Authorities (ACM) and the Association of Local Authorities for Independence (AMI), brought together thousands of people from all over Catalonia this morning, at 9.30 a.m., in front of the High Court of Justice of Catalonia, in Barcelona’s Passeig de Lluís Companys. The demonstration, to call for democracy and to defend Catalonia’s institutions, was a follow-up of those held on Tuesday to support the Catalan Minister of Education, Irene Rigau, and the former Vice-president Joana Ortega, and this time was in support of the acting President, Artur Mas, likewise sued for being politically responsible for the 9th November poll.

At 8.30 a.m., after paying tribute to President Lluís Companys at his grave, on the 75th anniversary of his execution, some 500 elected representatives of the local authorities gathered at the doors of the Catalan Parliament to accompany president Mas to the hearing. The elected representatives included councillors, presidents of the county councils (“Diputacions”) and mayors, the latter bearing their staves and sashes of office, just as they had done on October 4 2014, when they delivered motions adopted by their councils calling on the Catalan government to hold the poll. Barcelona’s Lord Mayoress, Sra. Ada Colau, attended the tribute to Lluís Companys at Montjuïc Castle’s Sta. Eulàlia moat, where the Republican president of Catalonia was shot by a firing squad in 1940.

The leaders of the organizations that called the demonstration spoke to the press to denounce the “judicialization of policy”, as “when politics ends up in the courts” it means that “Spanish democracy has a problem”, in the words of Jordi Sànchez, president of the Catalan National Assembly. In reference to the communiqué issued by the High Court complaining about the demonstrations, Sr. Sànchez repeated that “no-one can limit the right to demonstrate” and that “we’ll come out into the street asoften as need be”. Sr. Torres said the mobilisation was a “demonstration that should never have taken place on this day” (in reference to the fact that it was the 75th anniversary, to the day, of the execution of Catalonia’s 123rd President) and in no way as a “pressure on the High Court”. Torres repeated that the aim of the event is to show “our solidarity with the people who have been sued for doing what we asked them to do”.

The foreign Assemblies of the ANC have joined in the Catalan demonstrations with local events.

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