Bern, 29 August 2015 / Hundreds of people met today in Bern to support the right to self-determination of the Catalan people.

Today, more than 200 Catalans and solidary Swiss have gathered in the Cathedral Square in Bern to form a human “arrow” in the direction of the Catalan Parliament. The aim of this symbolic act is to sensitize the Swiss for the peaceful independence process in Catalonia. A cellist played by the Catalan national anthem “Els Segadors”. In addition, a manifesto which defends the right to self-determination of the Catalan people, in three languages ​​(German, French and Catalan) (cf. Appendix.) Was read.


At the organized by the Assemblea Nacional Catalana Switzerland event we saw both Swiss flags as well as Catalan independence flags and masks as a sign of the right to freedom of expression. Some participants wore T-shirts with slogans such as “I believe in democracy, and you?”, “Catalonia is willing to vote for independence” and “A new state in Europe is created on”.


Around 75 of these previous events “arrows” are planned before the National Day (Diada) on September 11 worldwide. In Barcelona, ​​hundreds of thousands are expected to fill in this year’s Diada within the campaign “Via lliure” Avenida Meridiana with arrows of different colors. The Meridiana will be divided into 10 sections on the following topics; Solidarity, equality, culture and education, innovation, social justice, sustainability, regional balance, democracy, diversity and openness to the world.


The ANC Switzerland is an organization which will be inspired on the one hand from the Helvetic model and on the other hand wants to make known the reasons for the independence process in Switzerland.

The association was founded in ANC Switzerland 2013. It consists of approximately 160 members and 400 sympathizers. The Switzerland-based members are, moreover, also strives to incorporate the learned and experienced here in the creative process of the new state in their homeland. To this end, various events are planned in Catalonia in the coming weeks, in which Switzerland and its political and social system is to be introduced as Any other business model and discussed.